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Kyivteploenergo reports on tariffs for the population and state enterprises

The price of fuel is about 80% of the cost in the structure of Kyivteploenergo tariffs.

Ukrtransgaz plans to invest billions in gas storage system

Ukraine can provide the best services for the European market.

Energoatom guarantees the use of all power units if necessary

All 15 power units of nuclear power plants will operate in the autumn-winter period.

The Green Party urged not to launch Nord Stream 2 until all EU conditions are met

They said that part of the responsibility for the difficult situation on the gas market in Europe lies with Russia.

Brent crude is trading below $85 per barrel

On Wednesday, oil quotations are going down.

The British will be paid to install energy efficient heating systems

The modernization program is designed for three years.

Naftogaz wants to increase oil production

The company continues to work towards the transformation of Ukrnafta.

Heating season will soon begin in Kyiv, the date has been announced

Heat has already been supplied to schools, kindergartens, hospitals.

Guaranteed Buyer transferred the next payment for renewable electricity produced in August

In total, renewable energy producers received UAH 4 billion for the "green" electricity in August.


Electricity production and consumption increased by 6% in 2021

In January-May 2021, more electricity was produced and consumed than during the same period last year.

Ukraine began to use more gasoline and liquefied gas

On the other hand, the consumption of natural gas decreased during the warmer months.

Utility debts: debt collectors’ rights and what they are forbidden to do

What rules and restrictions debt collectors are bound by when communicating with debtors.

Fuel stocks of all types decreased by 15-30% during the year

Diesel stocks have decreased the most.

The Azov Sea x 2: gas, oil and gas condensate reserves in Ukraine

Kosatka.Media has compared the volume of fossil fuels reserves with well-known Ukrainian reservoirs.

5.8% more electricity: results for the first 4 months of 2021

The largest production increase during this period was recorded at HPPs, the smallest one – at TPPs.

Efforts to combat the circulation of illegal fuel: Results for Q1 2021

126 illegal filling stations have been closed for three months of this year.

Standards for calculating a subsidy in Ukraine: gas, electricity, heating, housing

How the size of the subsidy is determined and what social norms are used in 2021.

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