Gas workers are preparing to mix gas with hydrogen: what does it mean to consumers and will our pipes cope with it?

How new technology can change our lives, and what experts think about the feasibility of its implementation in Ukraine.

What will change in the energy sector in the autumn: how will we pay for electricity, gas and heat?

What exactly will change?

Gas production: how deposits in Ukraine are found

The search for gas is a risky business in which the probability of losses is higher than success.

How accidents at thermal power plants are investigated and whose responsibility it is: explanation of a lawyer

Ukrainian legislation does not sufficiently control the operation of power equipment.

Accidents and fires at thermal power plants: why do they happen and how they threaten Ukrainians

Accidents and fires at thermal power plants: why do they happen and how they threaten Ukrainians

Ukraine in the fuel loop: how to get rid of it

Ukraine has become much more dependent on oil and petroleum products imports over the past 15 years. Instead of six large oil refineries, only one is operating today.

Nord Stream 2 and Ukraine: how high will it drive gas prices if the Kremlin completes the pipeline

Why everyone is talking about the Kremlin gas pipeline and how the life of Ukrainians will change if it is launched

Debt collectors demand debt for gas: how to protect yourself

How to handle it and is it possible to ignore intrusive calls.

Valerii Nozdrin: Creation of energy storage systems at Ukrhydroenergo facilities will contribute to the integration of UESU to ENTSO-E

Expert opinion on how the construction of hybrid power generation systems will help the integration of the Ukrainian energy system into ENTSO-E.

How to stabilize the energy market: simple quick solutions

A market representative told about a number of simple measures that will quickly help to cope with the situation.

Personal sun: unexpected uses for solar panels

What solar-powered devices you can choose for personal use.

Two years of the electricity market: achievements and challenges

What problems have not yet been resolved, and what have been achieved in the second year of operation, what new challenges have been faced and what awaits the market next year, Kosatka.Media asked the...