Own gas worth UAH 3: who is pulling the wool over our eyes and what to expect

Kosatka.Media asked Ukrainian energy experts to comment on the theses of this bill and explain whether it is possible for Ukraine to fully provide itself with its own gas, what needs to be done to ach...

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How the company managed to get rid of debts.

The worst nuclear accidents worldwide

Kosatka.Media recalled the biggest and most dangerous accidents that happened in the civilian nuclear industry in the world.

Vyacheslav Kokhanov: The electricity market needs NEURCU and Ukrenergo to become a single operational and executive center

How do the balancing market participants live, what difficulties they have to face, how do they manage to earn money and what they would like to change - Kosatka.Media asked Vyacheslav Kokhanov, direc...

“Nuclear barbecue”: why the Chernobyl nuclear power plant scared foreign scientists and is there a real threat?

Ukrainian scientists commented on the article written by the journal Science on the risk of a new accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Herman Halushchenko: what is known about the new Minister of Energy of Ukraine

Dossier on Herman Halushchenko, who was appointed by the Verkhovna Rada as the new Minister of Energy of Ukraine instead of Yurii Vitrenko.

Paying less for gas delivery: can you save money if you turn off the boiler

How much you can save on gas distribution fees if you turn off the boiler in a house where no one lives

The control of illegal gas stations: how and what are the results

Kosatka.Media discussed with experts what they managed to achieve in three months of this year and how to finally overcome the shadow fuel market.

How to improve the electricity trading strategy using the UEEX’s "calculator" of the weighted average prices

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How to change a gas supplier and where to find it

To date, there are 626 companies which have the right to supply gas.

Valerii Nozdrin: We not only supply electricity to our customers, but also protect their interests

Valerii Nozdrin, director of Energo Sbut Trans LLC, told about the peculiarities of working with utility companies and state-owned enterprises, whether it is difficult to be an electricity supplier fo...

Rebellion against gas distribution tariff: is it possible and what is needed to make it cheaper

Kosatka.Media found out how a community can "get rid" of a private GDS operator and independently maintain gas networks, how much it can reduce the cost of gas distribution services, and what is worth...