5 different types of energy storages with efficiency from 25% to 90%

Lithium-ion, hydro accumulating, gravitational and "power-to-gas" energy storage systems and their efficiency.

Why the market of thermo-modernization of multi-apartment housing in Ukraine is interesting

How effective are "warm" loans , and why facades insulation is not thermo-modernization.

Interview with Olexander Kharchenko. Part 2: About radioactive unicorns, the Nord Stream 2 and why Ukraine does not need negotiations with the Russian Federation

The continuation of the conversation. About the failure of the 20/20 Strategy and the new plans of Naftogaz, as well as about gas transit, construction of the Nord Stream 2 and cooperation with the US...

The competition for Dolphin was originally made with the idea of trying to steal – what if it could work. Oh, it didn’t – Olexander Kharchenko

O. Kharchenko about how he assesses the results of PSA competitions and auctions for the development of new fields, as well as about what prevents Ukraine from attracting major world players to produc...

The cheapening of gas and the rise in prices of fertilizers on the foreign market make the scheme with OPP economically attractive – the General Director of Agro Gas Trading

“We don’t say that we don’t risk, but the situation on the market makes it possible to think that the give-and-take scheme with OPP will be profitable,” Olexander Horbunenko, General Director of Agro...

Market launch will reveal bottlenecks and will motivate to quickly learn how to work – Unicorn Systems UA

Yana Lyakh, Lead Specialist, Unicorn Systems UA, about the first impression of the launch of the new electricity market model: the first challenges, the tools, the new opportunities and the increased...

The first benefits, losses and victims of the new electricity market – Victoria Voytsitska

MP Viktoriya Voytsitska is well-known for her “pro-energetic” position, about changes in the market – which are already felt, what to expect in the future, and which will not exist at all.

Self-exiled oligarch’s scheme. How did Plahotniuc earn on Moldovan energy flows?

A constitutional crisis erupted in Moldova, following which the richest man in the country, the head of the Democratic Party and the “owner” of almost all state bodies, Vladimir Plahotniuc, left the c...

How Oil Defeated The Nazis

The history of the World War II through the prism of the struggle for energy resources, especially oil.

Oil – sanctions – BFF. How does Russia establish relations with sanctioned Venezuela and Iran?

While USA imposes sanctions on its oil competitors, the RF establishes friendships with them.

“To hold successful tenders for production on production share agreement in political instability is quite a challenge” – Roman Storozhev

If the auctions for the purchase of licenses for the development of hydrocarbon deposits have already passed quite successfully, then the tenders for production sharing agreements (PSAs) will only be...

Outlawed. Why energy storage system does not exist in Ukraine and why it cannot?

While Ilon Musk is building lithium-ion battery systems of 100 MW for 100 days, in Ukraine such systems cannot exist in principle. Why?