Interview: FORATOM’s Director General on private nuclear power plants, green hydrogen and problems of Ukraine

Yves Desbazeille on the problems and future of the nuclear industry in Ukraine and Europe

Controlling heating bills

How to keep track of heat metering in an apartment building and not pay for heating the neighbors' apartments.

Orange gas: why does the kettle boil so long

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Olaf Scholz: the future German chancellor on Nord Stream 2 and gas transit through Ukraine

What the future chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Nord Stream 2

Putin was bluffing he could "save" Europe: Dr Thomas W. O'Donnell on Nord Stream 2, hydrogen and the future of nuclear energy

Kosatka.Media discussed what direction is better for Ukraine, whether it should wait for the protection against Nord Stream 2, and where global green trends could take us, with Dr Thomas W. O'Donnell,...

Borys Kostiukovskyi on the situation across the energy sector: We have been on the verge too many times

The scientist commented on the plans of the Ministry of Energy to use the maximum of nuclear power in winter.

Aura Sabadus, ICIS: Ukraine has created the most efficient energy market in Eastern Europe

The situation with gas prices in Europe, the prospects for the development of green energy during the current energy crisis, and how successful the energy market in Ukraine is - Kosatka.Media discusse...

Excise tax for renewable energy sources, introduction of REMIT and regulation of storages: what decisions the power industry expects from the Verkhovna Rada

What urgent issues the energy industry expects this fall, what the Ministry and the Committee are suggesting, a lawyer said.

No coal and light: winter in Ukraine

What threatens the Ukrainians with a shortage of coal stocks and will we be left without electricity or not.

Conclusion on environmental impact assessment: the lawyer named the main mistakes when receiving

What should subsoil users pay attention to so that the process of obtaining an EIA conclusion is easier - the lawyer explained.

Calibration of gas meters: how is it done

The answer to the main questions about the verification of gas meters.

Gas workers are preparing to mix gas with hydrogen: what does it mean to consumers and will our pipes cope with it?

How new technology can change our lives, and what experts think about the feasibility of its implementation in Ukraine.