Fourth Industrial Revolution: How hydrogen technologies will change Ukraine

What horizons does hydrogen open for the Ukrainian economy and every Ukrainian?

Gasoline under the pressure of cheap gas: thanks for being alive?

An analysis of a sharp imbalance in the fuel market of Ukraine over the past seven years.

IFC: climate change issues present a great opportunity for Ukraine’s development

Experts from the International Finance Corporation on the experience of working with Ukrainian cities

Energy companies’ money: revenue, import and export

How much have our energy companies earned, what did they buy and sell abroad.

Cyber threat or cybersecurity: what is really happening in the domestic energy sector?

Read opinions of market participants and state representatives about cybersecurity in Ukraine.

This is still a market, not a regulated monopoly: how does Europe see Ukrainian electricity industry

The experts of the Czech company Unicorn Systems about the first months of the industry after the reform.

Energy Supply of the Future: How Innovation and Climate Change Rebuilds the World

Executive Director of the German Energy Agency about the German experience.

Top 5 problematic issues of the electricity market in Ukraine

Electricity market participants announced their biggest worries.

To change the electricity market: new draft laws on imports and renewables

Six draft laws with amendments to the Law “On the Electricity Market” were applied to the Verkhovna Rada. The amendments concern imports rules, renewables, dispatching services and the National regula...

The Transporter. Where coal supplies to Ukraine came from over the past 5 years and how much did it cost?

Kosatka.Media traced all the routes of coal supplies to Ukraine over the past 5 years and found out how much the price depends on the path distance.

#Energy efficiency. New priorities for the new Ministry of Energy and Environment

The main priority is energy efficiency.

5 different types of energy storages with efficiency from 25% to 90%

Lithium-ion, hydro accumulating, gravitational and "power-to-gas" energy storage systems and their efficiency.