Be like Kobolev, Trump and Jobs. TOP executives who refused their salary

Andrei Kobolev, the Head of NJSC “Naftogaz”, announced yesterday that he would give his salary from the beginning of February to the end of 2019 to charity. Kosatka.Media made a list of world and Ukrainian leaders, which Kobolev joined.

As it was reported, the Head of “Naftogaz” has chosen three charitable organizations that will receive his salary until the end of 2019. If his contract, which ends in March, is renewed, of course.

So, what salary does Mr. Kobolev have?

According to the statements of the Head of “Naftogaz” himself, his payment is determined by a decree of the Cabinet of Ministers. According to official documents, his salary in NJSC is 1 million 41 thousand UAH and bonuses based on a Collective arrangement. “Naftogaz” has a Collective arrangement of June 25, 2012, signed by the then head of the state-owned company Yevgeny Bakulin, the “Evropeyskaya Pravda” newspaper reported.

In accordance with it, bonus payments to the staff of the NJSC office are possible at the level of up to 200% of the salary. The first half of them (the first 100%) are paid on a monthly basis “for the performance of production functions and tasks”. It means that the systematic salary of the Head of the NJSC is 2.082 million UAH per month.

The second 100% is not paid systematically, but according to the results of the activity “for the contribution of the general results of work”. That is, the monthly total remuneration of the Head of “Naftogaz” can reach 3.123 million UAH. Kobolev in his statement stressed that he would give all the payment to charity, not only the salary, but also bonuses.

As it is known, last year, the Supervisory Council of NJSC “Naftogaz Ukrainy” allocated a premium to the company’s management in the amount of $46.3 million for winning a dispute in Stockholm arbitration under a contract with “Gazprom” for gas transit. The management of the NJSC consists of six members of the board and nine directors of the directions, so, every one received $3 million. In his statement, the Head of the NJSC noted that he would have enough bonuses.

Who else refused a salary?

• Poroshenko gave all 270.5 thousand UAH of his salary for the year to charity

In the first half of January 2019, it was reported that Petro Poroshenko transferred all his presidental salary for 2018 to charity – the New Year's news on the eve of the elections.


The official salary of the President of Ukraine for the year amounted to 336 thousand UAH (270.5 thousand UAH after deducting taxes and fees). So, the President is paid 6 to 9 times less per year than the Head of “Naftogaz” per month. In what fund presidential money are transferred is not reported.


Poroshenko has given his presidential salary to charity since 2014.

• Trump refused $400 thousand and receives $1 per year

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, before entering the White House, said that he would not receive his presidential salary:

The annual salary of the US president is $400,000. “I’m not going to get paid, I will not accept it. I never gave comments on this, but the answer is no. According to the law, I still have to get at least a dollar a year, so let it be a dollar”, Trump said in an interview in October 2016.

• Ilon Musk refused his salary for 10 years. And he received a salary in shares

Ilon Musk refused a guaranteed salary of the general director at Tesla a year ago. Then the conditions of his remuneration changed – he began to receive compensation in the form of shares of the company, depending on the growth of its capitalization. The conditions were introduced for 10 years, and then it was believed that Musk would hold out at the helm of the company for the entire period.

But in October 2018, Ilon Mask was dismissed from his post as the Head of the Board of Directors, although he remained its Executive Director. The reason was a tweet, which the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) assessed as an attempt to manipulate the value of shares (on which his payment depends). SEC fined Tesla and Mask for $40 million. The company paid a half, and Mask personally paid a half.

Initially, the SEC demanded Musk to leave Tesla at all, as well as he was prohibited from occupying leading positions in public companies. But Musk made a deal to save his future in Tesla and SpaceX, although initially he rejected all charges altogether and refused to pay the fine. Mask will be able to return to the post of the Head of the Board of Directors, if he wants, after 3 years.

• Roman Nasirov says that he did not receive a “penny” in the State Fiscal Service

Roman Nasirov, who was reinstated by the court as the Head of the State Fiscal Service and ruled to pay 184 thousand UAH. He also said that he did not receive a salary in the department:


“From the beginning of my work in the State Fiscal Service I did not receive a penny. I refused a salary. And this court decision to compensate me 180,000 UAH. Of course, I can refuse them, but now there is a critical situation with Ukrainian sailors. And I would rather transfer this money somewhere, where they can provide real help to those guys who are now in captivity”, Nasirov said in an interview after his scandalous return.

Nasirov is accused of malpractice and forgery. The investigation believes that Nasirov during 2015 - 2016, acting in the interests of the people's deputy Alexander Onishchenko, provided the Heads of regional and territorial agencies of the State Fiscal Service with illegal instructions to make groundless decisions about the installment of the tax debt of LLC “Firma Khas”, LLC “Karpatnadrainvest”, LLC “Nadra Geocenter”.

On December 11, 2018, the Kyiv District Administrative Court reinstated Roman Nasirov, the Chairman of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. They said they would challenge this decision in the Cabinet of Ministers.

• Jobs, Zuckerberg and the guys from Google

Top managers and founders of such IT giants as Apple, Facebook and Google have received salaries in the amount of $1 for a long time.


Steve Jobs received $1 per year from 1997 until the day of his death. Mark Zuckerberg has moved to a $1 salary since 2013. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, get $1 a year since 2005.





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