Lubnygaz: what do we know about the company

The consumers of the gas distribution network operator Lubnygaz believe the tariffs are very high. So they want to take the right to away serve gas networks with the efforts of a utility company and not Lubnygaz. Kosatka.Media follows closely how the story ends.

Until then, we decided to find out what we known about Lubnygaz from open data. Several interesting nuances have emerged.

Who is the owner?

According to Youcontrol, two companies are listed as the ultimate beneficial owner of Lubnygaz Gas Distribution System Operator Joint Stock Company: NG CHING YU. K with the address of registration in the People's Republic of China., Hong Kong, and GREEN ENERGY CAPITAL INVESTMENT LTD with registration in Kyiv, where the name of Vladyslav Tarashevskyi also appears.

This person is also the founder of three more companies: Trio Trading House (the main activity is wholesale of machinery and equipment), Trio Promgaz (the main activity is the installation of machinery and equipment) and Tryhirske military hunting economy (the main activity is wholesale trade in household goods).


Lubnygaz has a tax debt to the local budget – for April, May and June 2020 in the amount of UAH 52456 (for each month), in total UAH 157,368.


There are 100 documents in the court register, mentioning Lubnygaz. Basically, we are talking about civil lawsuits to recover debts from customers for natural gas distribution. At the same time, part of the disputes is economic ones and related to the debt of Lubnygaz in the amount of UAH 296 million to Naftogaz.


According to the Dozorro system, Lubnygaz is the customer. There are 57 contracts worth UAH 22 million on its account.


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