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The Cabinet of Ministers approved a reduction in Ukrenergo tariffs for industry by 3 times

The government has made changes to PSO mechanism in the electricity market –Ukrenergo’s tariff will be reduced by three times.

Ukraine can do without Russian nuclear fuel – Nasalik

The energy system of Ukraine can work without nuclear fuel from the Russian Federation.

Ukrenergo won the court to return the 750 kV interstate overhead line “YuUNPP - Isakcha”

The restitution of the line will allow to begin construction of the 750/400 kV Prymorska substation with the interstate 400 kV overhead line Primorska - Isakcha.

Former head of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission, Vovk is internationally wanted

This was reported in the SAPO.

The court closed the bankruptcy case of Centrenergo

The company is subject to privatization.

Water was cut off due to debts for electricity in Luhansk region

Lisichanskvodokanal water utility’s facilities are disabled.

Electric Power Analytics

Electricity market: Day-ahead market

Day-ahead market statistics for July 2019.

Electricity trading in the "day-ahead" market

Аccording to the results of the first week, the electricity prices for the “day ahead” market raised by more than 35%.

The selling price of electricity into WEM in May 2019

According to the results of May 2019, the average selling price of electricity into the WEM amounted to 1136.9 UAH/MWh.

Global air emissions have reached a record high

In 2018, according to BP, global carbon emissions have reached its maximum for the last 7 years.