Electric power News

Kyiv will purchase up to 20 electric buses

17-20 electric buses will be purchased for the capital under the Kyoto Protocol.

Energoatom intensifies works on Khmelnytskyi NPP unit 3 completion

Today, July 23, 2021, Acting President of SE NNEGC «Energoatom» Petro Kotin held a staff meeting on the site of the Khmelnytskyi NPP unit 3 regarding its completion.

The Cabinet of Ministers elected representatives of the state to the Supervisory Board of Ukrhydroenergo

An audit committee, a committee on appointments and determining remuneration for officials have been established and are functioning within the Supervisory Board.

Guaranteed buyer sued Ukrenergo UAH 614 million

The court partially satisfied the claim of the state enterprise Guaranteed Buyer against NPC Ukrenergo.

Fuel assemblies manufactured by Westinghouse arrived at Rivne NPP

6 out of 15 domestic nuclear reactors are currently operating on Westinghouse fuel.

Ukrenergo will publish data on the state of settlements on the balancing market

Summary data on the balance on the special account will be published daily.

Electric Power Analytics

5.8% more electricity: results for the first 4 months of 2021

The largest production increase during this period was recorded at HPPs, the smallest one – at TPPs.

The DAM prices: interesting results of February

In February, the price on the DAM in the IPS increased by 11%, and on Burshtyn energy island – by 1.7%.

Record peak of electricity consumption in February: will there be a record of a month

This year, the largest peak in consumption was at 6 p.m. on February 8and amounted to 23,435 MW. According to statistics, this is the highest figure for the past 6 years. Does this mean that the month...

Electricity generation and consumption in January-August 2020

The volume of electricity production by enterprises of the IPS of Ukraine is 6.6% less compared to the corresponding period of 2019.