Electric power News

State mine in Vuhlledar will be disconnected from power supply

DTEK holding will limit the power supply of the state enterprise because of the debt of 322.5 million UAH.

In the beginning of 2020, DTEK expects a decision on a claim to Russia due to lost assets in Crimea

The company expects that in the 1st quarter of 2020, the decision of the The Hague International Arbitration Court will occur.

Ukrenergo comes to grips with the technology of repair of power lines without disconnecting from voltage

It allows uninterrupted operation of these lines

Full-scale tests of the transshipment container will be conducted on the South-Ukrainian NPP

In the course of scheduled preventive repairs of power unit No.2, the South-Ukrainian NPP for the first time in Ukraine carried out full-scale tests of the Holtec transfer container HI-TRAC 190.

A tender for construction of SPP on the territory of Zaporizhzhia NPP was annouced

NNEGC Energoatom announced a tender for the supply of equipment and materials for solar power plant.

The Government created state-owned enterprises Market Operator and Guaranteed Buyer

The Cabinet of Ministers created two new state-owned enterprises based on the state-owned enterprise Energorynok.

Electric Power Analytics

Electricity production in the 1st quarter of 2019

During 3 months of 2019 43.34 million MWh of electricity were produced in Ukraine.

WEM functioning in Ukraine

Environmental friendliness of electricity generation in the US

U.S. CO2 emissions have fallen to their lowest level in a generation since 1990.

The selling price of electricity in WEM

In January 2019 the price of electricity was 1156.7 UAH/MWh.