The selling price of electricity in WEM into April 2019

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According to the results of April 2019, the average selling price of electricity into the wholesale electricity market was 1128.5 UAH/MWh. The price decreased by 1.4% (-16.02 UAH/MWh) compared to the same period in 2018.

CHPPs have the largest slump in price, their electricity price was 1808.5 UAH/MWh in April (-19.3% compared to April 2018) and TPPs as well – 1633.1 UAH/MWh (-18.4%). “Green” electricity price also significantly decreased to 4682.4 (-15.5%).

At the same time, price of electricity produced by NPPs increased up to 578.5 UAH/MWh (+5.3%), and price of electricity produced by HPPs and PSPs had the greatest increase – 578.7 UAH/MWh (+57.6% or 422.8 UAH/MWh compared to April 2018).

In the electricity production structure in April 2019 NPPs have 55.9% (6349 thousand MWh), TPPs and CHPPs – 34.4% (3895 thousand MWh), HPPs and PSPs – 5.6% (640 thousand MWH), renewables – 4.1% (468 MWh).

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