Price indices of the day-ahead market in the IPS of Ukraine in March

Based on the data of SC Market Operator, the weighted average price on the DAM in March 2020 amounted to 1,370.54 UAH/MWh in the IPS of Ukraine, showing an increase of 11.24% compared to February.

In March, in the IPS of Ukraine trade zone, on the DAM, the number of applications for the sale of electricity with a low level of price offers at night decreased compared to February. As a result, hourly prices deviated significantly from price caps, approaching them only at night.

The total volume of purchase and sale of electricity on the DAM and the IDM in March is 4578 GWh. This is 0.21% less in February 2020. The total cost of purchased-sold electricity on the DAM in March amounted to 7,040.23 million UAH (including VAT).

Tags: electricity, electricity market, electricity transmission

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