Price indices of the day-ahead market

The third month of the functioning of the new electricity market in Ukraine has ended. According to SE Market Operator data in September, on “the day-ahead” market (DAM) in the UESU, price indices were as follows: the average cost of electricity during the base load was 1573,4 UAH/MWh, during the peak load – 1962.9 UAH/MWh, during the offpeak load – 1183.9 UAH/MWh. Compared to August, base price decreased by 6.6%, peak – by 6.5%, offpeak – by 6.7%.

In September, the total volume of purchase and sale of electricity on the DAM in the UESU increased by 6.4% compared to the previous month, and amounted to 3849 GWh. In August, this figure was 3618.4 GWh.

It should be noted that from October 1, the tariff for the sale of electricity was reduced. Now instead of 2.91 UAH/MWh (excluding VAT), electricity producers, electricity suppliers, traders and large consumers will pay 1.94 UAH/MWh (excluding VAT).

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