The selling price of electricity in WEM

Following the results of 2019, the average selling price of electricity in the wholesale electricity market is 1156.7 UAH/MWh. Compared to January 2017 the price increased by 7.6%.

The biggest growth in the price of electricity was at the HPPs – by 78.6% more than last year (793.4 UAH/MWh). The price of electricity, which was supplied by TPPs, increased by 14.4% compared to last year – up to 1875.5 UAH/MWh, NPPs’ electricity price increased by 5.1% - up to 574.2 UAH/MWh. For CHPPs and renewables prices decreased by 16.8% (to 1783.7 UAH/MWh) and by 6% (to 4057.1 UAH/MWh) respectively compared to last year.

14.392 thousand MWh was output in the wholesale electricity market in a month, 53.2% was generated by NPPs, 40.7% - TPPs and CHPPs, 4.6% - HPPs, 1.5% - RES.

It should be noted that in 2018, according to information of the National Regulatory Commission, consumers’ debt grew by 18%. So, at the end of the year, the sum of debts is 33.61 billion UAH, however at the beginning of 2018, this indicator was 4.69 billion UAH. And the total cost of consumed electricity for the year was 195.08 billion UAH.

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