Electricity production in the 1st quarter of 2019

electricity production

During 3 months of 2019 43.34 million MWh of electricity were produced in Ukraine. According to Ukrenergo NPPs produced 23.59 million MWh (54.43%), TPPs – 14.40 million MWh (33.23%), CHPPs – 2.4 million MWh (5.70%), HPPs – 1.82 million MWh (4.20%), renewables – 0.67 million MWh (1.57%), PSHs – 0.37 million MWh(0.88%). At the same time, the total amount of consumed electricity in the country was 41.04 million MWh.

In the 1st quarter of 2019 Ukrainian enterprises also exported electricity to neighboring countries. The total cost of exported electricity is $98.3 million. The total cost of electricity exported to Hungary is $58 million, to Poland - $22 million, to Moldova - $13.6 million and to other countries – $4.6 million.

It should be noted that for the whole 2018 the cost of electricity exported from Ukraine was $331.9 million which is equivalent to 6.17 billion kWh of electricity.

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