Electricity generation and consumption in January-August 2020


According to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, in January-August 2020, the volume of electricity production by power generating enterprises that are part of the IPS of Ukraine reached 96337.5 million kWh, which is 6759.0 million kWh or 6.6% less in comparison with the corresponding period of 2019.

At the same time, TPPs and CHPPs generated 31212.4 million kWh of electricity, or 18.2% less than in the corresponding period of 2019, which amounted to 38180.3 million kWh.

Nuclear power plants generated 51,135.6 million kWh. Nuclear power plants reduced electricity production by 3406.5 million kWh, or 6.2% compared to January-August last year.

Electricity production by HPPs and PSHPs amounted to 5,016.9 million kWh, which is 12.1% less (or 689.5 million kWh) compared to the last year's figure.

For 8 months of 2020, renewables (wind farms, solar power plants, biomass) produced 7657.0 million kWh, which is 4130.4 million kWh, or 117.1% more than in the corresponding period last year.

Electricity production by power plants of other types (block stations and other sources), in comparison with the same figure in 2019, increased by 174.5 million kWh, or 15.3%, and amounted to 1,315.6 million kWh.

In August this year, the total production of this type of energy resource reached 11346 million kWh. As of August 31st:

  • NPPs produced 5941.7 million kWh of electricity. In the monthly electricity balance of the country, their part was 52.4%;
  • HPPs and PSPPs generated 3412.8 million kWh, which is 30.1% of the energy balance;
  • HPP and PSPP – 665.7 million kWh, or 5.9%;
  • Renewables – 1111.2 million kWh, or 9.8%;
  • Power plants of other types (block stations and other sources) – 215 million kWh, or 1.9%.


According to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, there was a decrease (gross), which amounted to 95,241.2 million kWh, which is 4453.7 million kWh, or 4.5% less than in the corresponding period last year.

Electricity consumption (net) by sectors of the national economy and the population during 8 months of 2020 amounted to 80,268.6 million kWh, which is 2,111.9 million kWh (or 3.6%) less than in 2019.

Consumption was reduced by industrial consumers (by 4.9%), in particular, the fuel industry (by 6.7%), metallurgy (by 7.0%), machine-building (by 17.9%), construction materials industry (by 0.7 %), food and processing (by 3.3%), agricultural consumers (by 1.6%), transport (by 16.6%), construction (by 6.6%), public utilities (by 9.0 %), other non-industrial consumers (by 4.3%). During January-August 2020, electricity consumption by the population increased (by 3.3%).

In August of this year, according to Ukrenergo, electricity consumption in the Ukrainian power system almost reached the level of consumption in 2019 and amounted to 9,364 million kWh, which is only 0.01% less than last year (9,370 million kWh).

Consumption growth was demonstrated only by the population by 5.7% compared to August last year (2,643 million kWh in August 2020 compared to August 2019 - 2501 million kWh) from all groups of consumers. The industry used 2.9% less electricity in August than last year (4187 billion kWh versus 4312 billion kWh, respectively). In particular, the machine-building industry reduced consumption by 12%, metallurgy – by 6% and fuel – by 3%. At the same time, electricity consumption increased in the food and processing industries, chemical and petrochemical industries, the building materials industry and others, which consumed electricity in August by an average of 5% more than last year.

According to Ukrenergo, further growth in electricity consumption will be associated primarily with seasonality (lower air temperatures), as well as partial adaptation of economic sectors to work under quarantine conditions.

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