How electricity prices have changed in Europe over the past 5 years

We have chosen 3 countries with the highest cost of electricity and 3 neighboring countries, as well as Ukraine.

Data are for households with a consumption of up to 1001 kWh per month. It should be noted that there is a rule in Europe – the more you consume, the lower the price of one kWh. For comparison, in 2019 in Belgium, with consumption up to 1001, the cost of 1 kWh was €0.36, and for for those who consumed 2500 to 5000 kWh the price was €0.19. In Ukraine, the preferential first 100 kWh rule applies.

Data are for pre-quarantine years 2015-2019. Given the pandemic, indicators are likely to change. This will be clear by the end of 2020.

But as of 2019, the price level in Europe is quite eloquent. Take the highest cost of electricity – in the Netherlands – almost 40 eurocents per kWh. When consumed, for example, 200 kWh per month (which is quite small amount) – it is €80 or almost UAH 2400. In Poland it is about €26 or UAH 789 on average.

Data was used as of the 2nd half of each year, while in some countries in the first half of the year electricity was more expensive.

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