Key performance indicators of the "day-ahead" market

According to the Market Operator, the total volume of purchase and sale of electricity on the day-ahead market (DAM) decreased by 10.5% in October 2019 compared to the previous month and amounted to 3659.9 GWh. In turn, the volume of purchase and sale on the day-ahead market in the UESU is 3349.8 GWh (-12.7%), and in Burshtyn TPP energy island – 310.1 GWh (+ 24.1%).

According to the results of the month, the weighted average price on the DAM amounted to 1562.20 UAH/MWh, which is 3.77% less than last month. The weighted average prices at the DAM by trading zones: UESU – 1357.9 UAH/MWh (-4.5%); Burshtyn TPP island – 1973.26 UAH/MWh (-1.9%).

The total cost of purchased-sold electricity at the DAM amounted to 6861.0 million UAH, which is 13.9% less than in September. The cost of purchased-sold electricity at the DAM in the trading zones amounted to: UESU – 6163.0 million UAH (-16.6%); Burshtyn TPP island – 698.0 million UAH (+ 21.8%). According to the operator, the largest share of sold electricity at the DAM in the trading zone of the UESU belongs to the Guaranteed Buyer – 40.00% (PSO + a feed-in tariff). For comparison, in September this figure was 55.75%.

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