Day Ahead Market: August Results

The last month of summer on the day-ahead market in the trade zone of the IPS of Ukraine was marked by an increase in electricity prices. By the end of trading on August 31, the weighted average price on the day-ahead market amounted to UAH 1,532.87/MWh. This is 64% higher than at the beginning of the month (August 1) – UAH 969.53/MWh.

During the trading session on August 2, a record low price was recorded for the entire summer period of this year for this type of energy resource – UAH 859.9/MWh.

According to SE Market Operator, the total volume of sales and purchases on the DAM in the trade zone of the IPS of Ukraine in August this year amounted to 2.3 thousand GWh.

The rise in prices was due to:

  • continuing trend for the recovery of economic activity in Ukraine for the second month in a row;
  • high demand in the industrial sector for this type of energy resource, after the active phase of quarantine.

The weighted average price in the trade area of ​​Burshtyn Island by the end of August decreased and amounted (as of August 31) to UAH 1274.41/MWh. At the end of the month, the total volume of trading in Burshtyn TPP was 194.2 GWh

As noted by Market Operator, at the beginning of September, the prices on the DAM for various types of loads in the trade zones of the IPS of Ukraine and Burshtyn TPP Island continue to be lower than in neighboring European countries (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia). Thus, the price for the base load from the neighbors was at the level of €54.56-59.81/MWh, in the IPS of Ukraine and the Burshtyn TPP Island – €46.31/MWh and €45.63/MWh, respectively.

Peak loads in Europe cost €62-64/MWh, in Ukraine the prices were: in the IPS of Ukraine – €51.53/MWh and on Burshtyn TPP Islands – €51.95/MWh.

Prices for off-peak loads in Ukraine were also lower than in neighboring countries.

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