Electricity trading in the "day-ahead" market

With the introduction of the new electricity market, consumers continue to receive electricity in a stable manner. However, the most intriguing moment for commercial enterprises and the population was the question of rising electricity prices.

In the new electricity market, the expert environment forecasted rising prices and this phenomenon does exist since July. It should be noted immediately that there is no direct increase of prices for domestic consumers, today’s tariff increase concerns exclusively commercial firms. 

According to the results of the functioning of the new market, “a day ahead” electricity trading during the week in the issues of volumes ranged from 125 thousand MWh/day to 160 thousand MWh/day for the consolidated power system of Ukraine and from 2 thousand MWh/day to 10.5 thousand MWh/day for the Burshtyn Peninsula. 

At the same time, the average weighted price of electricity for each day ranged from 1 536 UAH/MWh to 1 659 UAH/MWh for the consolidated power system of Ukraine and from 1 657 UAH/MWh to 918 UAH/MWh for the Burshtyn Peninsula.  

Thus, the forecasts and expectations of the business and the population regarding the price of electricity are fully justified. For comparison, the weighted average price of electricity in the previous month – June amounted to 1 144.5 UAH/MWh, and for the same week last year the average weighted price of electricity reached 1 133.6 UAH/MWh. So, according to the results of the first week, the electricity prices for the “day ahead” market raised by more than 35%.

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