NPPs' contribution to the European economy

The results of Deloitte’s research of nuclear energy industry covered an economic effect from functioning of the sector for EU countries. Company estimated that nuclear power plants provided 1 129 900 people with full-time jobs 47% (531 900) of who are highly qualified workers in the EU in 2019. 

Nuclear sector ensures €124.4 bln in state revenues, €383.1 bln in household income, €507.4 bln in the EU GDP and €1092 bln for European investment.

In particular, each 1 GW of nuclear power plants capacity in 2019 has to produce €9.26 bln in investment foe European economy, €4.3 bln in the EU GDP, €3.25 bln in income for those who is involved in activity of NPPs and €1.05 bln in state revenues. Herewith, each GW of nuclear generation capacity ensures 9575 workers with jobs, 4508 of who are highly qualified.

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