Electric power News

Energoatom limited the supply of electric energy to Guaranteed Buyer

Energoatom has reduced electricity supply by 40% since March 29.

Ukrenergo launched a “two-minute reserve” product on a balancing market

It allows you to quickly respond to imbalances in the power system.

Electricity supply services to citizens for the period of quarantine will be provided in full and cannot be suspended

Interruptions in supplies may occur in the case of repair and maintenance work, as well as work to eliminate accidents.

How can Ukrainian energy overcome the crisis – expert’s opinion

There are several ways for the state to minimize the effects of quarantine.

Monopolism and maladjustments– an expert about the problems of Ukrainian energy

The Minister of Energy should be appointed first.

Volodymyr Shvedkyi: The situation in the energy sector is close to catastrophic

And quarantine is not the thing to blame in a crisis situation.

Energoatom has limited the supply of electricity to Guaranteed Buyer due to debts

Guaranteed Buyer’s payment level for March 2020 is about 40%.

Energy storages will solve two main problems of renewable energy sources – expert

It's about the balance of the power system and the power of renewable energy.

To prohibit system operators from owning energy storages – a lawyer about a draft law

The project provides opportunities for weakening competition on the market of auxiliary services.

The AMCU instructed the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection to protect critical enterprises from power outages

The ministry should also simplify the procedure for obtaining the status of protected consumer.

An international company will take part in the construction of the 6th power unit of Slavyanska TPP

Donbasenergo involved EY.

The price of electricity for industry will rise: forecast from an expert

Electricity consumption by the population is growing and by industry – falling.