Electric power News

The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission fined Ukrenergo of 1.7 million UAH

This decision was made by the Regulator on the results of the audit on 26 June.

New tariffs for the second half of 2019 have been approved for Ukrenergo

The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission has approved the tariff for electricity transmission services.

First results of the electricity market: how price for the population and industry is formed?

Price is the most painful issue on the market. ThePSO model is the key factor of price increase.

Vostochny MPP to become part of Energoatom

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the reorganization of the state owned enterprise Vostochny Mining and Processing Plant.

The arch over the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl NPP was commissioned

In April, tests of new safe confinement were successfully completed.

Only one company has applied for participation in the tender for the construction of the Ukraine-EU Energy Bridge

On July 9, the commission on the issues of the tender met for identifying partners in the Ukraine-EU Energy Bridge project.

It is planned to build six nuclear reactors in Poland

They must provide 20% of all energy production needs.

Ukrenergo together with Elia Grid International will introduce European dispatching principles

Ukrenergo signed an agreement with the Belgian company Elia Grid International.

Electricity supply for Voda Donbasa was renewed

The first problems of the enterprise with the supply of electricity began in April of this year.

Rivne NPP starts its work in the new electricity market

Energoatom is implementing a whole complex of preparatory, reorganization procedures at all NPP sites for the full operation of the new model of the energy market.

Ukrenergo will issue two bills for July

A new column “Recommended to pay” will appear in bills.

The sale of the confiscated high-voltage line did not take place.

The starting price of the lot amounted to almost 93 million UAH.