27 steps of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection: Orzhel announced the action program for 2020

Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Olexiy Orzhel presented the Ministry’s action plan for 2019-2020 – only 27 steps by stages.

Among the 4 priority tasks are to complete Naftogaz unbundling, successfully go through the winter and the heating season, switch to renewable energy sources and reform the coal industry.

Regarding the tasks and development of renewable energy sources, Orzhel agreed – there is a question of the shortage of Guaranteed Buyer. By the end of 2019, the Ministry intends to overcome it.

By April 2020 – it is planned to launch auctions for “green” energy. Also among the tasks is to stimulate the construction of storage capacities.

On the issue of reforming the coal industry, the Minister admitted that 3 million tons of coal mined by the state coal industry cannot be compared with the amount of expenses. And the main thing, according to Olexiy Orzhel, is to resolve the issue of employment of workers. To do this, it is planned to launch a large-scale retraining program.

Further, briefly about each announced step.

5. Energy efficiency as a national idea.

In particular, legislation on a new CO2 tax is developing, and the enterprise will be able to spend the same money to increase its own energy efficiency as the Ministry plans.

6. Legalization of amber extraction.

There are legislative developments already. Orzhel hopes for their positive vote in the 2nd reading.

7. Preparation of PSAs’ projects.

Each such production sharing agreement project is a $200 million investment, the Minister assured.

8. Vision of a “green” energy transition.

It is planned to be approved by April 2020.

9. The Intergovernmental Climate and Energy Plan until 2030 and a national specific contribution to the Paris Agreement.

They will work on it over the next year.

10. Framework strategy for adaptation to climate change.

The work will be carried out for the whole 2020.

11. Legislation for greenhouse gas emissions and ozone-depleting substances accounting.

It is planned to be developed this year.

12. Monitoring air quality.

Olexiy Orzhel admitted – so far we simply did not have information to analyze the level of air pollution. The budget for 2020 includes money in order to constantly monitor this information.

13. Risk assessment of global climate change in the most vulnerable sectors and regions.

14. Reform of the environmental inspection.

15. Strengthening the transparency of the environmental impact assessment procedure.

16. Service electronic cabinets for transparent access.

17. Single window of accession complaints.

18. Simplification of connection to electric and gas networks.

19. Limit the use of plastic bags.

This restriction is expected by the end of 2019, and from 2021, the Ministry plans to completely abandon such packages.

20. Adoption of comprehensive waste laws that introduce a hierarchy of waste management.

21. The prohibition of disposable plastic.

 It will be introduced during 2020.

22. Stimulation of waste recycling plants construction.

23. The fight against illegal landfills.

More than 5 years are assigned to it – from 2019 to 2025.

24. Preparation of lots for tenders for special permits for oil and gas production.

They promise to do this by the end of 2019.

25. Creating an information layer of the nature reserve fund on the Public Service of Geology and Subsoil website.

26. Debt settlement in the electricity market.

Five draft laws have already been registered on this issue. By the end of 2019, Minister Orzhel intends to deal with this issue.

27. Forest inventory.

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