$330 million for exports: Ukraine for the year increased revenues from the sale of electricity by 1.4 times

Ukraine exported electricity amounting to $331.942 million.

To Hungary was supplied electricity to the amount of $189.958 million, to Poland – $ 78.763 million, to Moldova – $53.144 million, to other countries – $10.078 million. Such data are provided by the State Fiscal Service.

In monetary terms, the export of Ukrainian electricity in 2018 increased by 40.9% compared with the same perion in 2017 ($235.541 million). In particular, in December 2018, Ukraine earned $34.323 million on electricity export.

In addition, in 2018, electricity was imported to Ukraine for $1.402 million, of which most were from the Russian Federation – $1.327 million, the rest from Belarus ($0.067 million) and Moldova ($0,008 million).

In 2018 Ukraine planned to increase volumes of export by 13.3% (0.689 billion kWh) compared with 2017 – up to 1.055 billion kWh.


Source: reform.energy

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