The Antimonopoly Committee rescheduled hearings in the case against DTEK once again

The Antimonopoly Committee rescheduled the hearing against Akhmetov’s company to December 28. A hearing was scheduled on January 17th.

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine announced that DTEK had rescheduled its meeting on the case of offence of the conditions of free competition in the energy market on December 28, 2018.

It is empathized that the meeting will begin at 10:00 am. It will consider the case of offfence of the conditions of free competition by DTEK” Dniproenergo”, DTEK “Vostokenergo” and DTEK “Zapadenergo” companies, which are parts of a vertically integrated energy holding.

It was reported earlier, that the consideration of the case against DTEK had to be held on January 17, 2019. The previous AMCU meeting on this case was disrupted due to the fact that the representatives of the plaintiffs, the National Regulatory Commission and “Ukrenergo”, did not come to the meeting. The Committee then stated that they would consider the case even without the plaintiffs.

This week, the Head of the National Regulatory Commission, Oksana Krivenko, reported that the Antimonopoly Committee found signs of a monopoly position of DTEK companies:
“The Antimonopoly Committee has established that DTEK has structural features of a monopoly position in the electricity market and power in the market, which is enhanced by a vertical integration”, the Head of the Regulator reported.

DTEK owns 9 of 15 Ukrainian thermal power plants, as well as 17 mines and coal-preparation complexes. In general, the company is the actual monopolist in the generation of thermal electricity market in Ukraine.

The Antimonopoly Committee began to consider the case on the features of the offence by DTEK “Dniproenergo”, DTEK “Vostokenergo” and DTEK “Zapadenergo” companies the Act “On protection of fair competition” back in 2015. The plaintiffs in the case were the National Regulatory Commission and “Ukrenergo”.



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