Biden demands that automakers commit to sell 40% of electric cars by 2030

The White House is negotiating with automakers to make them commit that electric cars production will account for at least 40% of their US sales by the end of this decade, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Some automakers in the United States have already committed to gradually move their model range to electric vehicles but did not specify how many electric vehicles will be sold on the market.

Bloomberg indicates that automakers hope for support from the US government to achieve these goals. It can be provided in the form of subsidies or financing for the construction of charging infrastructure.

According to a study by Ernst & Young LLP, the United States has lagged behind other leading markets in their transition to electric vehicle sales in the United States due to regulatory looser during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Experts predict that sales of electric vehicles in the EU will surpass all others by 2028, in China in 2033 and in the US in 2036.

To recap, Poland will provide subsidies for the purchase of an electric car.

Joe Biden has promised to replace the US government's fleet with electric vehicles.

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