NPP base load increased in July – the Ministry of Energy

The average capacity of nuclear power plants has so far increased from 7.4 GW to 7.9 GW. NPP electricity production in 2020 may increase by 4% compared to the indicators foreseen by the Forecast balance. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Energy.

According to the results of the monitoring by the Ministry of Energy of the operation of the IPS of Ukraine in accordance with the operational data of June 2020, there is an increase in electricity consumption by 577 million kWh, or 5.8%, against the corresponding indicators determined by the Forecast balance. In July, a similar trend persists, according to current operational data, consumption exceeds planned targets by 8.9%.

Given the growth in demand for electric energy, on July 7, acting Minister Olha Buslavets appealed to NPC Ukrenergo with a proposal to consider the possibility of increasing the base load of nuclear power units in accordance with the requests of NNEGC Energoatom and the balance limits of the IPS of Ukraine.

NPC Ukrenergo decided to increase the base load of nuclear power plants in summer (July-August). Now the average capacity of nuclear power plants has grown from 7.4 GW to 7.9 GW. This made it possible to bring the nuclear units of Khmelnitsky NPP No.1 and 2 to work at rated design capacity and load the power units of RNPP No.2 and ZNPP No.6.

The possibility of an additional increase in the load of nuclear power plants in October-December of the current year in the volumes proposed by NNEGC Energoatom was also confirmed.

With this in mind, nuclear power generation in 2020 may increase to 76.5 billion kWh, which is 4% higher than the figures foreseen by the Forecasted Balance.

“The indicated volumes of the load and production of nuclear power plants are indicative and will be specified depending on the operating situation that will occur in the country's energy system in fact,” the statement said.

Recall, Ukrenergo reported that since the beginning of the year, electricity consumption has decreased by 4.9%.

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