The number of private electric cars in Ukraine has doubled

Electric vehicles have doubled in Ukraine over the past year. As of August 2020, 43882 electric vehicles were registered in Ukraine (together with hybrids). Of these, only electric cars - 21,836, that's half.

Arsenii Abduraimov, Head of the Ukrainian Association of Electric Vehicle Market Participants, spoke about this in an interview with Kosatka.Media.

“In August 2019, there were 14,754 electric vehicles, 13,174 hybrids, 27,928 in total. Market growth is almost double growth in a year, taking into account the fact that there was a coronavirus, a pandemic, and against the background of a general decline in all other markets and sales. This only testifies to the fact that in Ukraine, the electric vehicle market continues to grow rapidly, ”he said.

An interesting trend has emerged in connection with the pandemic - people have become more interested in hybrids.

“We attribute this to the fact that people who are afraid of electric vehicles and the situation with the charging network for them, consider the hybrid technology more secure. It can be filled with the usual fuel. Therefore, consumers see fewer risks in purchasing such equipment,” Abduraimov said.

If we talk about Ukrainians' preferences, then, unfortunately, we are not a sufficiently solvent market, the expert said. Therefore, it is mainly a used car. The average age of electric vehicles imported into Ukraine is about 5 years. Cars under 1-year-old are only 1% of all imported cars in the last year.

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