MP proposes to completely ban the import of electricity from Russia and Belarus

People’s Deputy Serhiy Nahornyak (“Servant of the People”) proposes to the Verkhovna Rada to completely stop the commercial import of electric energy to Ukraine from countries that are not parties to the Energy Community (Russia and Belarus). It is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

The relevant draft law No.3262 on amendments to the law “On the Electricity Market” was registered in the Parliament on March 24.

“It is forbidden to carry out a commercial flow of electric energy from states that are not members/parties of the European Union or the Energy Community”, it says.

The draft law also proposes to clearly define the concepts of “commercial” and “technological flows” of electricity, as well as to establish the possibility of technological flows from the Russian Federation and Belarus until Ukraine’s integration with ENTSO-E at the legislative level.

To recap, after the entry into force on December 27, 2019 of Law No. 330-IX, the import of electricity from Russia under bilateral agreements, as well as the intraday market (IDM), is prohibited, but import is available on the day-ahead market (DAM). Electricity import from Belarus is possible both in terms of bilateral agreements and the IDM and the DAM.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine increased electricity exports by 33.7% in 2 months.

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