Donbasenergo declares a threat of emergency due to the cessation of gas supply to Slavyanska TPP

Donbasenergo reports that there is a threat to the cessation of production and supply of electricity to the IPS of Ukraine by the power plant due to the fact that PJSC Donetskoblgaz stopped the distribution of gas to the Slavyanskaya TPP on July 1, 2020.

Donbasenergo and Donetskoblgaz have concluded an agreement on the distribution of natural gas, which the energy company uses, including for maneuvering with generating capacities.

It is noted that the annual capacity of the enterprise ordered for 2020 is determined at the level of 2019 – in the amount of 13.636 million cubic meters.

“However, in May 2020, Donetskoblgaz accrued PJSC Donbasenergo the cost of exceeding the ordered annual capacity of UAH 13 million 610.477 thousand and warned that the gas supply to SlavyanskaTPP would be disconnected if the bill was not paid within 10 working days.”

In turn, Donbassenergo filed a lawsuit in the court declaring the absence of the right to demand payment of the cost of exceeding the annual ordered capacity for 2020 from Donetskoblgaz. The economic court, by a decision of June 12, 2020, forbade Donetskoblgaz to take actions to terminate or restrict gas supply to Slavyanska TPP.

“However, Donetskoblgaz turned off the gas supply to the Slavyanskaya TPP on July 1, referring to the allegedly planned repair of the DU 600 mm gate valve on the inlet gas pipeline from the gas distribution station to Slavyanska TPP. Donbasenergo notes the obvious absence of any emergency or emergency circumstances at the gas pipeline. The reasons for the shutdown are unreliable and completely far-fetched,” the company said.

Due to the critical situation, Donbasenergo appealed to the Office of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers, the National Security and Defense Council, the Ministry of Energy, NEURC, the Security Service of Ukraine, and the Donetsk Regional State Administration with a request to intervene in the situation and restore gas supply to Slavyanska TPP in order to prevent an emergency in Donetsk region.

A forced shutdown or limitation of the operation of Slavyanskaya TPP will lead to a limitation of the power supply to the strategic enterprise Water of Donbas and therefore to a limitation of water supply to Donetsk region.

PJSC Donbassenergo combines two power plants: Slavyanska and Starobeshevska TPPs (the last has been beyond the control of Ukraine since 2014). The total installed capacity of Slavyanskaya TPP is 880 MW.

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