DTEK will supply electricity to Croatia

DTEK and the Croatian national energy company HEP d.d. (Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d.) signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Business Cooperation. The document was signed by the General Director of DTEK Maksym Tymchenko and Head of the Board of HEP d.d. Frane Barbarić

The memorandum provides for opportunities in the field of energy trade, the implementation of joint projects in foreign markets, including investment in energy assets.

As part of the cooperation, a test supply of electricity by a subsidiary of DTEK Hungary Power Trade of the Croatian company in the amount of up to 2.5 thousand MWh in October of this year is planned. Next year, the trade volume can reach up to 1.3 million MWh.

“We expect that our cooperation will contribute to the growth and achievement of better business results. Our partnership will also provide a significant contribution to the achievement of Croatia's strategic goals, such as diversifying energy sources and enhancing Croatia’s energy security and stability. In the field of renewable energy both DTEK and HEP d. d. have achieved a significant progress over the past few years. In the development of clean energy, we see great opportunities for intensive cooperation”, said Frane Barbarić.

Source: elektrovesti.net

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