The Ukrainian electricity market 2018 review in a single file!

In 2018, “DTEK Energo” spent 8.4 billion UAH to switch power plants from anthracite to coal, to repair them and to purchase installations for mines. The press service of the company announced it.

“In 2018, in the development of coal mining enterprises, “DTEK Energo” sent 4.8 billion UAH. These investments allowed launching 36 new longwall faces, the resource of which made it possible to increase the production of gas coal to 24.1 million tons per year. This is 5.3% more than in 2017. The company also implemented a number of projects in mines to improve working conditions, increase productivity and industrial safety. ”

Reconstruction and re-equipment of TPP units for coal grade G, maintenance of production capacity amounted to about 1.6 billion UAH. The company also invested 2 billion UAH in mining equipment and modernization in the distribution of electricity. Due to this, it was possible to reduce the supply of electricity from imported coal by 23% and increase from the Ukrainian – by 2% compared to 2017, as well as reduce the burden on the environmental situation of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Since September 2017, DTEK has been implementing a program to reduce dependence on imported coal, which consists of three key steps. Step 1 – switching the units from anthracite to gas coal. Step 2 – providing TPP Ukrainian coal. And step 3 is the modernization of TPP capacities for efficient and uninterrupted operation.


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