DTEK Energy and Innovation DTEK launch a pilot project with a use of underwater drone

DTEK Energy and Innovation DTEK announced the launch of a pilot project with a use of an underwater drone. This technology will be used at Kryvyi Rih thermal power plant (TPP) for the first time in the history of Ukrainian energy industry. The Chasing M2 underwater drone with a high-resolution optical camera and powerful illumination will be used to inspect the underwater parts of the TPP's hydraulic structures. The drone will be able to carry out inspections of underwater objects without human intervention.

Inspection of the underwater parts of buildings and tunnels is usually carried out by a diver. This is not only a risk to human life and health, but also financial and time costs. Therefore, there was a challenge to find a safer and more efficient way to obtain information on the technical condition of hydrotechnical structures of TPP.

“DTEK is constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve safety, environmental friendliness and efficiency of our businesses. We openly share the challenges our businesses face at openinnovation.dtek.com. This is how Innovation DTEK team found for DTEK Energy the opportunity to inspect underwater TPP facilities without human intervention. The solution was provided by our partners DroneUA,” said DTEK Chief Innovation Officer Emanuele Volpe.

Visual inspection, and photo and video filming of parts of hydraulic structures (waste canals, water intake ladles, concrete slopes of the dam of a cooling pond and other objects) can now be carried out at any time and as many times as one needs. The data obtained can be analyzed and used to make a decision on what repairs should be made. A digital archive can also be created to track the technical condition of buildings and structures. The innovative device is operated by a special pilot who is located on land.

“DTEK Energy is a responsible and reliable company. We continue to implement innovative projects and are the first to launch a new solution for the inspection of hydraulic structures at DTEK Kryvyi Rih TPP. With the help of underwater drones, we make the inspection accurate, prompt, and safe, which means it is truly effective, ”said Ildar Saleev, DTEK Energy CEO.

DTEK Energy and Innovation DTEK plan to analyze the effectiveness of this innovative solution for further scaling and developing own underwater inspection competence.

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