DTEK will stop supplying gas to Luhansk TPP due to debts – media

DTEK Energy Holding sent a letter to Ukrenergo with information about the shutdown of Luhansk TPP, part of DTEK Vostokenergo, from October 1 due to the interruption of gas supplies, which DTEK takes away from the operator of Luhanskgaz gas distribution system without payment.  This was reported by BusinessCensor with reference to the letter that is available.

“On September 27, 2019, DTEK Vostokenergo received a notification from Starobelsk inter-district gas management department of branch of JSC Luhanskgaz gas distribution system operator on the termination of gas supplies to DTEK Luhansk TPP from October 1, 2019”, the document says.

In this regard, NPC Ukrenergo, which is responsible for the operational safety of the electric power system, received a notification from DTEK Vostokenergo about the possible cessation of electricity production of Luhansk TPP from October 1.

Recall that Russia imposed a ban on the export of coal, oil and oil products to Ukraine.  From June 1, 2019, import of goods to Ukraine may only be possible on the basis of separate permits.  In this regard, Luhansk TPP was switched to the use of natural gas.

The Cabinet of Ministers also tried to oblige NJSC Naftogaz to sell gas for Luhansk TPP cheaper than for the population, but then changed its mind.

Luhansk TPP continued to take natural gas from the system, but did not pay for it.

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