DTEK commented on the findings of the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision regarding Burshtyn TPP

DTEK Energy says it is necessary to take the units for short-term repairs from time to time due to the increased load at the Burshtyn TPP.

This is how DTEK commented on the statement of the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision on the causes of accidents at the Burshtyn TPP, Kosatka.Media reports.

The company mentioned that due to the unstable operation of other thermal generation enterprises, DTEK's TPPs were carrying an increased load and compensated for the shortage of electricity in the grid.

DTEK also said that due to debts on the balancing market, the company was unable to ensure the rapid completion of major overhauls and ensure the stable operation of Burshtyn TPP.

According to NPC Ukrenergo, as of December 7, 10 power units operate the TPP with a load of 1437 MW.

To recap, the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision reported that the accidents at DTEK Burshtyn TPP were caused by erroneous actions of the staff and poor-quality equipment repairs. The State Inspectorate drew up 11 investigation acts of technological disturbances at the power units of the Burshtyn TPP.

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