Ex-head of Ukrenergo: I asked for resignation on February 18

Vsevolod Kovalchuk, Acting Director of the State Enterprise NPC Ukrenergo, leaves the company because he no longer feels effective in this position. The reasons constant attempts to intervene in corporate governance, a complication of the operating activities of the system operator. The ex-head of Ukrenergo told about this at a press conference on February 26.

According to Kovalchuk, the letter of resignation, on the basis of which the Supervisory Board of SE NPC Ukrenergo decided to terminate the powers of the chairman of the company’s board, was the second: “I asked for my resignation on the morning of February 18, during a meeting of the supervisory board, I was denied. The second time I asked a few days later, and my application was granted”.  

Answering journalists' questions, the ex-head of the company noted that he did not connect his resignation with the conflict with the enterprises of Privat group.

“I personally do not connect these events with each other. I want to remind you that the active phase of what you call a conflict ended in the fall. Yes, we are in a state of litigation of issues of our tariffs and several enterprises of Privat group and there is not even a preliminary decision. Therefore, this issue was raised from the point of view of paying Ukrenergo certain amounts, it is about 400 million hryvnias, which we cannot consider as debt until the lawsuits are completed, but this is the company’s lost funds for electricity transmission services last year. At the same time, there is no significant increase in debt from enterprises in 2020, so there is no direct connection between these events”, the speaker explained.

Commenting on the participation in the competition for the post of director of SE NPC Ukrenergo, the ex-chairman recalled that after the announcement of the competition he submitted a package of documents, therefore he is a participant in this process. “Now, taking into account all the circumstances, I have not yet made a final decision to withdraw my candidacy”, Kovalchuk emphasized.

To recap, on February 26, Vsevolod Kovalchuk, Acting Director of the State Enterprise NPC Ukrenergo, announced that he was leaving Ukrenergo.

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