Electricity experts about electricity from the Russian Federation: imports tripled (Infographics)

At the beginning of November 2019, electricity imports from Russia into the Unified Energy System of Ukraine increased 3 times in comparison with the average daily indicator for October – up to 12 million kWh/day. Although Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Utilities Andriy Gerus said that imports from Russia in late October - early November became unprofitable. It is reported by Expro.

According to the sources of the media, the average daily indicator of electricity imports from the Russian Federation in October amounted to 4.12 million kWh, and on November 1-3, imports increased to 12 million kWh.

In October, electricity supplies from Russia totaled 128 million kWh. At the same time, according to sources, the volume of electricity imports from Belarus doubled during July-October – from 103 to 215 million kWh.

According to previously published information by Gerus, in October, electricity was imported from Russia and Belarus only to the “day-ahead” market (without bilateral agreements). According to SE Market Operator, in October, the total volume of electricity sold at the “day-ahead” market in the UESU amounted to 3.349 billion kWh. Thus, part of the electricity imported from the Russian Federation and Belarus on the “day-ahead” market in the UESU in October (379 million kWh) amounted to 11.3%.

It should be reminded that Andriy Gerus stated that electricity imports from Russia amounted to less than 1%.

Earlier it was reported that the Verkhovna Rada allowed electricity imports under bilateral agreements with Russia and Belarus.

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