Metro Hop electric taxi planes can take off from rooftops

Vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL) can be a practical alternative to vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, especially in the period of formation of electric aviation, EcoTechnika reports.

The latter spend a lot of energy on the vertical ascent, which sharply reduces the flight range, limited by the battery capacity. A VMS is much more energy-efficient and at the same time does not need a full-scale runway (runway).

The Metro Hop VTOL is supposed to use an active chassis system, including at least one motor-wheel. Due to this fast acceleration feature and large wing area, the aircraft needs a very short distance to achieve takeoff speed.

The moveable landing gear also absorbs energy upon landing, softening the landing, and repositions the fuselage relative to the ground to maximize lift during takeoff or drag during deceleration.

The Metro Hop is expected to fly at a cruising speed of about 400 km / h, covering distances of up to 200 km on a single full battery charge, including in difficult weather conditions. To save space during parking, the wings of the aircraft are supposed to be automatically folded.

To use its aircraft as an air taxi, Metro Hop plans to create skyports on the roofs of skyscrapers or special high-rise buildings, equipped with a 60-meter runway. The roofs of railway stations or stadiums may also be used as a landing site for the VTOL. One such centre will allow serving up to a thousand passengers per hour.

In addition to air taxi, Metro Hop is developing a cargo version of an unmanned VTOL. It is assumed that such an environmentally friendly, street-free and potentially accessible transport will be useful for the rapid delivery of goods within a metropolis or between neighbouring cities.

The Metro Hop cargo drone will transport up to 450 kg of cargo in two containers connected into a single unit. Thanks to robotic installations for replacing cargo modules and aircraft batteries, it will take only 7 minutes to prepare it for the next flight.

As reported, the United States created an electric car that does not need to be charged.

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