Energy crisis: Lebanon had no electricity for more than a day

On Saturday, October 9 in Lebanon, the centralized power supply was cut after the shutdown of the two largest power plants due to the lack of fuel, Deutsche Welle reports.

The state-owned electricity company EDL has confirmed that the two largest power plants, Al Zahrani and Deir Ammar, were shut down. The termination of their activities "directly affected the stability of the power grid and led to its complete shutdown, with no possibility of resuming operation soon," the statement said.

On Sunday evening, October 10, the country's energy ministry announced that the central bank had provided it with a $100 million loan to buy fuel and keep the power plants running.

The state-owned electricity supplier said it now provides the same power level as it did before the shutdown.

However, even before the last blackout, people often received only two hours of electricity a day.

To recap, the clients of a large supplier in Germany were left without electricity supplies.

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