Energy community supports Ukrenergo’s certification

Ukrenergo must be certified as an independent transmission system operator in order to join the ENTSO-E and ITC-mechanism, which can solve the issue of compensation of transmission costs during the export of electricity on the Burshtyn TPP Island.

This was stated by head of the Energy Community Secretariat Janez Kopač during a round table at the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and Utilities, Ukrenergo reports.

“Changes to Ukrainian legislation are needed for this. I saw that there are three draft laws in the parliament (the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine) and we will be happy to help with this. Minister Buslavets sent me one darft law yesterday, and we gave our assessment in an hour and a half. I doubt anyone is running faster. The main question is that Ukraine should have less and less subsidies, and not increase their number,” Kopač emphasized.

Recall that on October 7, 2019, NEURC made a preliminary decision on certification of Ukrenergo as an independent transmission system operator.

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