Energoatom will provide itself with its own nuclear fuel by 50%

Energoatom intends to provide itself with its own nuclear fuel by 50% from 2025, another 50% will be covered by a strategic partner - Westinghouse, Petro Kotin told LIGA.net

“If we produce our own fuel, the Ukrainian budget will be replenished by additional taxes, it will create new high-tech jobs, we will have modern high-tech production,” he explained and recalled that since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine has completely abandoned Russian nuclear fuel. 

Besides, last year, Energoatom refused to export spent nuclear fuel to Russia under an existing contract. According to the same contract, after the spent nuclear fuel is stored and processed in Russia, the products of processing in the form of vitrified waste must be brought back to Ukraine. 

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“We will abandon this contract. Let them keep that “waste” wherever they want,” he emphasized. In turn, Energoatom has already received a Separate Permit to commission the Centralized Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility.

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