Energoatom will stop and reduce the power of NPP units. Document

An employee of Zaporizhzhia NPP Oleksiy Melnychuk published a document on Facebook stating that Energoatom will put in reserve and reduce the power of nuclear power units.

According to the document, three power units will be put into reserve: ZNPP-2 – 71 days,

ZNPP-6 – 98 days, RNPP-3 – 87 days.

The following power units will operate at reduced power:

  • ZNPP-3, 4, 6 – in December,
  • SUNPP-1 – from April to August,
  • SUNPP-2 – from August to October,
  • SUNPP-3 – from April to December,
  • RNPP-1 – from April to May and from July to October,
  • RNPP-2 – from April to June, from July to October,
  • KhNPP-1 – from May to August.

“In 2020 more than 7 GW of installed capacity of “green” energy will have a tariff of UAH 3-5/kWh (excluding VAT). Electricity generated from alternative energy sources is given priority. But in conditions of economic instability, quarantine, such a tariff will be a brake on the country's economic development and the welfare of the population. The “green” authorities do not want to make changes to the legislation in order to lower a feed-in tariff, but they do not need cheap electricity from the NPPs,”Melnychuk wrote.

As of April 28, nuclear power plants generated 199.24 million kWh. Power unit No.2 of Zaporizhzhia NPP has been disconnected from the grid and put into reserve since April 21, 2020.

Due to balance constraints over the past day, nuclear power plants in Ukraine have underdproduced 40.56 kWh of electricity.

Earlier it was reported that power unit No.3 of RNPP would be put into reserve due to balance restrictions.

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