Energoatom says reports on disconnecting ZNPP ungrounded

NNEGC Energoatom said that all the reports on possible scenarios when ZNPP was disconnected from the Ukrainian grid were completely ungrounded, the company wrote in their Telegram channel.

“There have been reports on possible ZNPP disconnection scenarios. Energoatom makes a formal declaration that there is one and only scenario that is a stable and reliable work of the plant connected to the Ukrainian energy grid. Its disconnection is impossible in terms of either security or technically, economically, politically,” the message says.

It is also mentioned that all the workers of the nuclear power plant keep performing their duties despite the pressure of the occupiers, securing the safe operation of ZNPP’s power units.

“We would like to make an official statement: the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was working, is working and will be working stably to benefit the Ukrainian grid. We have every reason to say so,” the company’s statement says.

Tags: electricity, ZNPP

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