Energoatom does not support the published final text of the resolution on the new PSO algorithm

NNEGC Energoatom stated that they do not support the published final text of the resolution on the new PSO algorithm, the press service reports.

On August 12, 2020, on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers, Resolution No. 694 "On Amendments to the Regulation on PSO on Electricity Market Participants to Ensure Public Interest in the Process of the Electricity Market Operation" was posted.

The content of the decree was approved at a government meeting on August 5. However, the company drew attention to the fact that in the final version, published on August 12, an item appeared that was not in the document approved by the Cabinet and agreed by the interested central authorities.

“This clause contains a formula that administers for Energoatom the pricing of the amount of electricity that the Company can sell on the market of bilateral agreements. Therefore, its introduction has nothing to do with the functioning of the free market and is openly discriminatory in relation to the state-owned company NNEGC Energoatom, the message says.

Under the new model, it was proposed to allow Energoatom to sell to Guaranteed Buyer as much electricity as the population actually consumes at the lowest possible cost, and to sell the rest (at least 40%) in the market of bilateral agreements.

“The final version of the Regulation, which is published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, most likely testifies to open lobbying and manipulation of information on the electricity market in order to mislead the government's leadership. The administration of the cost of electricity for one of the market participants within the framework of its obligations to the state is an open discrimination in favor of other participants, and therefore - a violation of the basic principle of competition,” the company noted.

Energoatom cannot agree with the final version of the resolution on the introduction of the new JI model and reserves the right to defend the interests of the state company in all ways provided for by the current legislation.

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