Energoatom rejects accusations of non-fulfillment of obligations to VostGOK

SE NNEGC Energoatom informs that the company's trade union committee rejects accusations of non-fulfillment of obligations to VostGOK.

The Trade Union Committee of Energoatom made an open appeal on behalf of the Company's labor collective, having previously analyzed the issue of arrears and constant delays in salary payments to the VostGOK labor collective.

The open letter notes that a year ago, Energoatom and VostGOK entered into a long-term agreement on the supply of uranium oxide concentrate (UOC), which is needed to produce fresh nuclear fuel. Under this agreement, Energoatom paid VostGOK 2.6 billion in advance during 2020.

The authors of the letter note that in early December of this year, another UAH 33 million were paid, and by the end of the month, the plant will receive another UAH 99 million from NNEGC. This amount of financing corresponds to the supply of 800 tons of UOC, agreed by the new Acting Director of VostGOK.

“However, after receiving funds from Energoatom, VostGOK officially announced that this year it would not be able to fulfill the supplies under the contract fully and proposed to postpone the supply of 90 tons of uranium oxide concentrate to January 2021. Thus, as of December 8, the balance of mutual settlements between Energoatom and VostGOK is UAH 599.1 million in favor of Energoatom,” the trade union committee of NNEGC informs.

The trade union committee emphasizes that Energoatom fulfills the terms of the concluded agreement. However, it is extremely unprofitable for the company, and the working conditions of VostGOK are not transparent.

“We reject all accusations against Energoatom regarding non-fulfillment of obligations to VostGOK to pay for the delivered products. We consider the information that Energoatom is the reason for delays in the payment of wages to miners frankly distorted, manipulative, and such that it does not correspond to reality. Regulatory and law enforcement agencies must sort out the real reasons for delays in wages payment. Let us remind you that according to article 175 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the head of an enterprise can be held liable for non-payment of wages for more than one month,” the authors of the open letter conclude.

To recap, the only uranium producer in Ukraine has entered an idle mode due to debts of Energoatom.

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