Energoatom supports Gerus's position on the priority repayment of debts to state-owned companies

SE NNEGC Energoatom informs that it supports the position voiced by the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Housing and Utilities Services Andriy Gerus regarding the algorithm for repayment of debts to Energoatom and other state-owned companies.

Andriy Gerus notes that if the state is going to issue sovereign bonds to pay off private renewable generation as soon as possible, it should remember about state enterprises and take care of them.

“The total debt to the State Enterprise NNEGC Energoatom is more than UAH 23 billion, of which UAH 11.624 billion is the debt of the “old” energy market. Considering that Energoatom produces more than half of all electricity in the country and is a state-owned company, it would be logical to expect priority in repaying this debt,” the statement says.

Andriy Gerus said that debt repayment should be either in the order of their occurrence or on a proportional basis for all companies.

“I have not heard a single argument why debts to private companies should be urgently repaid now, and debts to state-owned companies, where the de facto shareholders are the entire Ukrainian people, may not be repaid for years,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Energoatom believes that it is necessary to end the discussion of the preservation of nuclear energy.

Earlier, Andriy Gerus said how Ukraine would resolve the issue of gas debts.

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