Energoatom is considering the possibility of joining VostGOK

The head of NNEGC Energoatom, Petro Kotin, during a visit to Zaporizhzhia NPP on December 23, said that the company allows VostGOK to join it, Kosatka.Media reports.

“We are thinking of ​​joining them to us. And if we want to put things in order here, we need to take them under control. We admit the possibility of joining us. We said that we did not mind; if the government did not find another solution, then we were ready to move along this path,” he said.

According to him, Energoatom also transferred an additional UAH 50 million to the enterprise about the Prime Minister's request.

Petro Kotin also stressed that VostGOK could not cope with the contract's supply of concentrated volumes.

“In September, closer to October, we realized that they would not produce such an amount (of uranium concentrate – ed.) – 1000 tons, but we pay and pay them in advance. As a result, we agreed with the general director of VostGOK, Anton Bendyk, that we would reduce the supply from 1000 tons to 800 tons. But they never delivered more than 800, except for the tax fraud and tax evasion they had for a couple of years. Then they supplied concentrate through Kazakhstan, through corruption schemes – then for a couple of years it was more than 1000 tons,” he said.

The debt of VostGОК for the concentrate to Energoatom is more than UAH 700 million today.

Remind you that Kotin spoke about the financial results of Energoatom and loans for paying salaries.

Earlier, Energoatom said that VostGOK management prejudiced miners against the company.

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