Energoatom has increased the safety of nuclear power plants by €355 million

1 billion 404 million euros is the cost of the project for the implementation of the Comprehensive (consolidated) program to improve the safety of nuclear power plants. Of these, €600 million were given by creditors – the EBRD and Euratom (€300 million each). More than €800 million is Energoatom’s money.

Within the loan project as of the end of October 2019, 70 out of 207 events were completed. All remaining should be completed before the end of 2021. The programme must be completed by 2023.

“We have credit money in full. All contracts are funded normally, suppliers are satisfied. There are problems with events financed at our own expense”, said Henadii Sazonov, Head of the Project Management Group.

According to him, €85 million allocated by Euratom have already been spent and €270 million by the EBRD.

Out of 1295 activities under the program, 897 have already been completed. Compared to the previous year (from the last report), about 100 more activities were implemented under the program.

“The most expensive event is the replacement of equipment for the control and monitoring systems of nuclear plants. There are several such events”,said Sazonov.

At the same time, most of this equipment is provided by Ukrainian manufacturers. Of the 70 contracts, significantly more than half are Ukrainian producers. In particular, these are Impulse (Severodonetsk), Radiy (Kropyvnytskyi), Khartron (Kharkiv) companies.

The second most important and most numerous group is electrical equipment.

“80% of all equipment of nuclear power plants is precisely electrical equipment. And there never was enough money to invest in its replacement and modernization. That is why we have decided to take this opportunity and update the equipment fleet in the power supply and security systems”, Sazonov said.

Ludvig Litvinsky, expert of the programme, shared his thoughts on the issue of improving security. He explained: the safety characteristic has 2 integral indicators – the frequency of core damage and the frequency of the limit emergency release. And significant results were achieved.

“When we started these events, we were worse than the normative indicators in all blocks. Now we have all the blocks where the measures have been largely implemented – we have indicators of what to strive for. This is not even a requirement of international regulatory documents and recommendations – it is much better. And this applies to both the frequency of core damage and the frequency of the limit emergency release”, Litvinsky explained.

In money, such an improvement in security is 150 times. According to the expert, the cost of 1 unit of a nuclear power plant construction is about €1.5 billion. The cost of the security enhancement program is about €150 million. We divide it into 15 blocks of Energoatom – about €10 million per one.

 “€10 million instead of €1.5 billion. A new block is a terrible cost. 10% of it is necessary to change all the equipment, part of the technology, prepare the appropriate documentation. We changed the entire block by 1/10 of its part, this is such a volume of work. But this significantly reduces the possibility of accidents”, concluded Litvinsky.

Detailed statistics on the implementation of the programme in a non-technical summary is available on the website of Energoatom.

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