Energoatom negotiates electricity exports to Poland

Energoatom is negotiating electricity exports to Poland. It is expected that large exports would become possible in a year or a year and a half, Petro Kotin, Energoatom’s president, told LIGA.net. in an interview.

“We are negotiating to start electricity exports to Poland. The 750 kV line that connects the Khmelnytskyi NPP and Poland enables the opportunity to supply electricity. Poland insists on lowering the voltage of this line to 400 kV,” Kotin said.

Although lowering the class of this line is unprofitable for Ukraine, according to Kotin, since it significantly reduces its capacity, the Ukrainian side will most likely agree if there is no other option.

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“Lowering the voltage requires a large amount of additional work and equipment, both from our side and from the Polish side,” he said.

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