Power unit No 3 of the South Ukrainian NPP was the first to receive permission for the industrial operation of Westinghouse nuclear fuel

NNEGC Energoatom received permission for the commercial operation of Westinghouse fuel at the third power unit of the South Ukrainian NPP. This was reported by the press service.

The corresponding document was signed by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine based on the results of pilot operation conducted at power unit No.3. Pilot operations have shown Westinghouse's safe, reliable and efficient fuel operation.

As it is known, the third “millionaire” of the South Ukrainian NPP was the first power unit in Ukraine, which since July 2018 has been exclusively powered by Westinghouse. There were no comments during operation.

Recall that back in 2000, a Ukrainian-American intergovernmental agreement was signed, according to which the implementation of a project for qualifying nuclear fuel for Ukraine began. In 2005, for the first time, 6 experimental (pilot) fuel assemblies manufactured by Westinghouse (TVS-W) were loaded into the active zone of power unit No. 3 of the NPP. In 2010, another 42 Westinghouse cassettes were loaded. Moving from the qualification project to the commercial supply of nuclear fuel from an alternative supplier, contract No.1 was signed between NNEGC Energoatom and Westinghouse Electric Sweden, which provided for the supply of nuclear fuel for three domestic power units annually for four years. For its operation, power units No 2 and No.3 of the South Ukrainian NPP were identified, as well as power unit No 5 of Zaporizhzhia NPP. As part of the expansion of contract No.1 to three more power units, Westinghouse fuel in 2017 was loaded on the fourth, first and third Zaporizhzhia blocks.

As of today, 746 fuel assemblies manufactured by Westinghouse are operated in the active zones of six power units of SU NPP and ZNPP: SU NPP-3 and ZNPP-5 - 163 fuel assemblies each, SU NPP-2 and ZNPP-1 - 126 assemblies, ZNPP-3 and ZNPP-4 - 84 each.

Earlier it was reported that the power unit No.5 of ZNPPP is fully loaded with Westinghouse fuel.

In September, NNEGC Energoatom and Westinghouse Electric Sweden signed a statement on expanding the diversification of fuel supplies to Ukrainian nuclear power plants and a memorandum on further cooperation.

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