The Energy Community reminds Ukraine renewable energy projects still need to get paid

The Secretariat of the Energy Community supports the certification of NPC Ukrenergo as an operator of the transmission system. An official statement was published today on the website of the EC, Kosatka.Media reports.

However, the Energy Community raises concerns about the financing of the TSO from transmission tariffs, which are to cover also compensation for renewable energy projects under the existing legislation.

The Secretariat also expects that a new and largely independent supervisory board of Ukrenego will take office immediately. 

To recap, a member of NEURC Olha Babii previously confirmed the decision of the Energy Community Secretariat on the possibility of final certification of the transmission system operator NPC Ukrenergo.

As reported, according to the updated text of the memorandum with the IMF, Ukraine pledged to pay off its debt to renewable electricity producers and pay on time from 2022.

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