Energy storages will solve two main problems of renewable energy sources – expert

Energy storages for renewable energy would solve two main problems: balance and power.

Tetiana Bohynya, head of the legal department of DTEK Renewables LLC, told about it during a webinar on the legal regulation of energy storages in Ukraine, organized by the UBA Committee on Energy, Oil and Gas, Kosatka.Media reports.

Firstly, energy storages would help the development of renewable energy sources to meet forecasts, would help reduce imbalances and further balance the system.

“Now more than ever, there is a problem with restrictions. We understand that it is getting warmer, and there will be more and more of them. Energy storages would help both renewable energy producers and Ukrenergo to reduce losses. With a command to limit, producers could just save energy”, she said.

Secondly, a problem that could be solved with the help of energy storages is “locked power”.

“We have a clear limitation both in law and in terms of licensing, that we cannot issue more power than what is stipulated by the license. But progress does not stand still. And with certain software, we understand that over time, our equipment could produce even more energy. And energy storages would help solve this problem without amending the licensing conditions and additional efforts on the part of the state and business”, she explained.

But while there is no corresponding legislative settlement, the problems are not solved.

To recap, lawyers made recommendations on the content of the existing draft law on energy storages.

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