European Energy Community joins DTEK abuse investigation on Burshtyn energy island

The European Energy Community Secretariat has announced that it will join the investigation of the Antimonopoly Committee regarding the possible abuse of DTEK’s monopoly position on the Burshtyn energy island, Economic Truth reports.

“DTEK is likely to significantly reduce electricity imports from Slovakia to the Burshtyn energy island without using the cross-border transmission capacities provided to it.

Thus, it creates a shortage of electricity available for sale on the day-ahead market, while simultaneously offering more electricity on the balancing market, where prices are higher”, the statement said.

The Community decided to join the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine as it investigates the company's similar behavior.

Burshtyn energy island is located within Zakarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions. The main power source is Burshtyn Thermal Power Plant (DTEK Zakhidenergo). The energy island is connected to the electric networks of the EU countries and works in synchronization with the European energy system. Ukraine exports electricity abroad from Burshtyn energy island.

In October, the AMCU opened a case against Zakhidenergo on the protection of economic competition.

Earlier it was reported that in November Burshtyn TPP was cutting electricity production.

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