Macron in favour of integrating nuclear into EU green taxonomy

President Emmanuel Macron said he favours “nuclear power being integrated into the taxonomy” on green finance in an address before the European Committee of the Regions, EURACTIV reports.

The French leader said he was taking a position based on experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), for whom “nuclear power is one of the solutions to decarbonise our economies”.

Macron backed up his argument by stressing the intermittent nature of renewable energies.

“Our strategy is to decarbonise our economies. To do this, we need renewable energies,” he said, noting that these are “intermittent, and thus not totally substitutable, even with our interconnections [in Europe], for non-intermittent sources of electricity production” such as gas or nuclear power.

However, according to him, nuclear is among the energy sources that “emit the least CO2”. “Gas produces more CO2; nuclear is much better,” he added.

 “We no longer have any gas in our soil” in Europe, the head of state also said. “Consuming more gas means importing Russian or Turkish gas,” he added, arguing that this would lead to “a situation of increased dependence”.

The European Commission is due to comment in the next few days on the classification of nuclear within the EU’s green finance taxonomy.

Currently, there are 56 operable nuclear reactors in France.

As reported, the United States and Romania agreed to build the first small modular reactor in Europe.

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